Workers Compensation

We believe in options when it comes to handling your payroll, workman’s compensation, employee practice liability insurances. From Work Comp carriers that offer the straight audit policies that so many of us have gotten used to over the years, to options such as:

  • Dividend Programs-Where the insurance company pays you if you are profitable
  • Pay as you go Programs-No surprising audits at the end of the year.  You pay for your workcomp policy on a paycheck to paycheck basis.
  • Employee Practice Liability Insurance
  • Employee Benefits Liability

 We even work hand in hand with one of the most reliable Employee Leasing companies in the State of Florida, Bankers.  In their program items such as Employee Practice Liability are automatically covered.  Need someone to act as your HR department, they can handle that service for you.  All of this with you having the control on things that you did not previously enjoy with other PEO companies. Don’t want someone else to have that much authority?  But don’t want the added paperwork of doing it all yourself?  We work closely with some of the largest payroll processing companies in the nation to bring you a service that is just right for your needs.  They handle the payroll and government fillings as well as taking care of the work comp and employee benefit programs you have put in place.  But without the concern of them telling you how to run your business.