As our name implies we are the premier Hospitality Service Industry Insurance provider for the State of Florida. Our specialty is you and your business.

As a Niche provider in the world of insurance we have access and availability to programs that the General Insurance agency will not or has not taken the time to look for. We are an agency that is highly knowledgeable in the lodging and food service industries, which allows us to custom tailor a program from one of our carriers to suit your individual businesses needs. As we are an Independent Agency, we are not beholding to any one house brand or carrier. Rather, we have the freedom to search for the best fit for your unique situation.   Our single focus on you in the hospitality business is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Tired of the insurance salesman that shows up just a few days before your policy renews to collect a check and then you don’t see them again for the rest of the year. Our agency’s philosophy has proven itself out over the years.  We are in business with you our client as a partner and advisor. You will see us often. It’s the best way for us to ensure your coverage and policies have adapted and changed as you need them to. To provide the protection that you need and wanted. Given the changes that happen in the course of a year from any number of State or Federal agencies that you deal with. It is far fetch to think that a 15 minute visit once a year to discuss how much you owe the Insurance Salesman is going to provide you proper protection on one of your greatest single investments.  Your business is just not a place you go to during the day. Its very often a culmination of a dream and a way to provide for your family. We are here to protect that dream.