Life Insurance/ Disability


We know what coverages you will need if you are applying for an SBA loan. We understand what is needed to fund the buy sell agreement between you and your partners. Providing coverage for today as well as the bumps in the road of tomorrow.

We offer a full spectrum of life products from term to permanent policies. Some potential features you will find.

Term policies with a return of premium

Hybrid Universal Life policies with Term riders for those times when your need is great but only for a short time.

We offer coverages not just on you and your employees, but also on your family as well. Your spouse does the books for the business as well as running the house while you run the business. Aside from the tremendous emotional toll the death of a spouse will inflict upon you, can your business survive the loss of such a key person? Will you have the money needed to hire someone to handle their job? All questions that we can provide answers and some comfort to for you.

Disability You’re the owner. You work the desk or grill when your short staff. Your in early before lunch to prep and handle the previous nights receipts. You come in mid morning to go over check outs and see what reservations you have for the day. No matter what time you arrive for work, your business depends on you to keep it flowing. If you aren’t there to run it, who will? Where will you get the money to pay them?

Disability insurance can answer a lot of those questions and much more. It can be an excellent gap coverage to protect you against what your health insurance and work comp can’t or won’t cover.

Policies range from an Accident Only policy to full blown sickness and disease and an inability to work in your own occupation. We can offer you the coverages that you need for when your down, your income stream does not stop.