Food Services

Sports bar?  White Table Clothe?  Caterer Only?  Special events?  We have specialty programs for these and many more of the classes of business that fall under the food services label.  No food sales, just alcohol, yes we even have carriers that offer coverage for you as well.

 Tired of the Insurance Salesman that calls your restaurant at 12 noon or at 5:30 asking to speak with the owner?  We understand your time and the flow of business in your business and respect that you need to run a business.

 Our agency can, at your request,  pre-inspect your kitchen and dining area at the time we meet to advise you of potential risks that you can fix yourself before the inspections occur. 

We can help you to avoid potentially lengthy law suits with a common sense approach and a fresh eye. We provide, in-house, alcohol awareness training to your employees. 

We have the ability to come to your business on a routine basis and educate your employees on dram laws, the possible penalties for serving minors, or how to handle an intoxicated patron.  We provide the training and follow up materials to help educate your staff to limit your liability exposure. 

From the 60 seat French Restaurant overlooking the ocean to the 250 seat sports bar with drink specials and pool tables, we have a program to meet your needs. Please see the testimonials from some Zagat and Wine Spectator awarded restaurants that tell you more about us directly from your peers.