About Us

 Is your Insurance Agent your business partner?
Does your agent show up 3 days before your policy renews and surprise you with your businesses renewal?
Do you have to call your agent to remind him that your policy is renewing?
Does your agent from out of town stop by when he is in town to check in on you?
Have a meal in your restaurant?
Stay in your hotel?

Have you ever met your agent?  Or has it all been done over the phone?

The way of doing business that is listed above has unfortunately become the norm when dealing with commercial insurance agencies today.  You talk with the agent over the phone, or in person only a few days before your business insurance comes up for renewal.  The rest of the time when you call his office, he is too busy to speak with you and you get his secretary who will tell you how important you are to him.  Really?  Do you feel important to your agent?  Or just when its time to renew your policy and he gets his commission?  If you get the feeling the remainder of the year when you call you are bothering your agent, how will it feel when you have a claim?

This is where we as an agency diverge from other insurance agencies.  Yes, things can be handled over the phone.  But isn’t it better in many instances to do it face to face with a hand shake and an understanding?  Its true that in todays world the agent can’t do it all themselves, so yes, they do need support staff.  But isn’t it the agent that knows you?  Not the secretary.  Why not talk with the person that has actually been to your place and knows about you, rather than some girl that you are just a voice on the line to.  Our support staff is here to support the agent as they work with you our client and partner.   As an Agency,  We have a firm belief that has been proven over the years.    Person to Person, face to face, true accountability with a buck stops here attitude.  Our corporate philosophy is very basic, we are in business because of you.  So we patronize the businesses of our clients.  We spend our money, where ours comes from.

We make partnering and doing business with us easy.  We bring the experience and knowledge of our industry as well as knowledge of yours together in a hands on business environment.  We provide training in areas that are required by the statutes.  We bring accountability to you.  We provide a common sense approach to protecting  one of your greatest assets and dreams, your business.